Stretch Pak Customer
Centrum® Brand Vitamins
Already in use by their U.S. division for many years, Strech Pak® has become the ‘standard’ carded packaging format used in the huge vitamin product sector found in the USA. The two-sided free standing design holds two bottles to form an attractive ‘combo’ pack. As an added feature on the Centrum® package, an additional panel ‘flap’ is attached to the top of the card to allow for more graphic space for product information, ingredients list and promotional capabilities on the double-sided pack.

K-Y® Brand Warming Gel
J&J have used Strech Pak® blister-less option for several years to merchandise their K-Y® Brand Liquid Personal Lubricants with great success. To accent the new product introduction, J&J have chosen a mirror-foil laminated SunPaq® card printed with UV graphics to create a really hot carded packaging presentation for the launch.

Harry Potter Collectable Coins
A Harry Potter coin collectors bonanza was part of the merchandising support for the film release of Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone. The coins were packaged using SunPaq®, and were part of a co-promotion between a major soft drink producer and a leading UK retailer.
The souvenir coins featured aspects of Harry’s film adventure and were presented in a twin SunPaq® package at stores throughout the United Kingdom. SunPaq® was chosen due to its sparkling clarity and because the coins are held securely in place during transit. The collectible coins have 24 different reverse faces, hidden by the card – the secure packaging prevents coin rotation and ensures that the packs cannot be tampered with at point of sale.

U.S. Dentek Breath Remedy®
Breath Remedy® Tongue Spray helps destroy the Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSCs) responsible for breath odour. Using Strech Pak® display packaging, developed with Sun Industries Inc., U.S. Dentek Corporation (USA) launched a range of three flavours in two sizes into the dental/oral care product sector.
Standing out on the retailer's shelves amongst more traditional blister-packed competitors, was an essential part of the brief. Strech Pak® helped achieve this requirement, using an eye-catching holographic foil treatment, to provide an overall image value for the product range.